The Best LPoS Service
Welcome to the first, best and most used LPoS service of the entire NIX ecosystem.
Profit from the best server environment and a 100% uptime since the start.
Not yet a customer? Join now! Fees are only 5%! More than 910.000 NIX staked via this service.

How to get started
Open Your NIX QT Wallet

Open your NIX QT wallet and browse over to the LPoS tab to prepare yourself for the contract.
Send The Contract

Fill out the form exactly like shown below. Do not change any of the addresses.
Enjoy Your Rewards!

That's it! You will now receive staking rewards directly into your wallet without needing to worry about anything.





Option 1: bech32 (nix1) address

Lease to: nix1qeqdncna6jagwhfdc8sdvprjaz39snnnzcygv2x
Reward Address: nix1qtj6ef7a2j6qv7tv7nljjadahhphwaceztnfzlx
Fee Percent: 5

Option 2: N address

Lease to: NQZ6dnjXgp4BzkwfY6vbQQV1n73TRP9qCQ
Reward Address: NKv1DNwrjJ3phYpZJyCbpC7zDEJp1BkSu3
Fee Percent: 5

The Service Includes

100% Uptime

Multiple redundant servers ensure that staking is active at every time!

Best Support

The team is always helping out in Discord. Have a question? Drop it there!

100% secure

You fully control your coins and can cancel the contract at any time!